Golden Tickets!

100 of the 750 books will contain a special golden ticket. this gives the bearer the opportunity to have a one on one chat with the man himself! A 10 minute webcam chat, face to face, ask John anything you like!


Extracts from the book






Each book comes with a unique, individually hand signed and doodled centre spread. Here are a couple of examples!

Book Book

Artwork in progress - TBC.





We present an exciting and intimate journey through John Lydon’s life, from inception to now, in high quality pictures and hand written text commentary.

Large format ‘coffee table’ style. 14¨ x 14¨ 250+ pages.

Strictly limited edition - only 750 pieces worldwide – each one uniquely numbered 1 -750

Quarter bound in high quality lytho finish with unique front and back boards, and individual born date.

Over 80% unseen content, including many personal images and hand written quotes.

Unique centrefold feature - every book hand signed and doodled by Mr Rotten!

Each book includes a 12¨ picture vinyl, hand built into the back cover of each book. Containing 2009 live PiL recordings, plus exclusive John Lydon spoken-word outtakes!

The first 100 books sold within 24 hours of going on pre-order.
Over 50% of total book quota were sold on pre-order.

The remaining books won’t hang around for long, so if you want one, grab it while you still can!

Own a true piece of limited edition, signed art by one of the biggest legends in music history..

Enjoy the journey!